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The Fun New Cat Book for Cat Lovers:

"In Defense of Cats!"

Janette's Cat Book Blog


See One of the World’s Rarest Big Cats

Posted on May 5, 2017 at 2:02 PM
Please enjoy this new National Geographic video (with article) of a beautiful Amur leopard and her two cubs in a den and on their preserve in Russia. Amur leopards are critically endangered with possibly only 60 left in the wild! With an illustration of a charming leopard lying in the grass, Verse 14 of the the fun e-book In Defense of Cats! for children and all ages features Sir William the Cat emphasizing the importance of protecting wild cats, too, along with other wildlife and their habitats! Let's all do much more to share the Earth with ALL its amazing creatures! The British version of the book is also on and

Categories: Amur leopard, Wild Cats, leopards